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Monday, June 06, 2011

❚ back to square one

I do not have something baleful or morbidly emotional stories to break now. I feel that I’m entitled of hiatus for a while and those love causatum(s) I had is enough that I leave them engraved from here. As the first semester finally starts this 9th of June, officially my thirdth year ‘cause I feel like I was stuck in eternity, these passel of close encounters of infatuation will soon distend again all the way to my balls. But I’ll make sure to shun them away. I am decided to face them after I finished this ‘promising’ course I’m at; I won‘t be entertained and won‘t be entertaining anyone.

—Only my patients deserve me, for the duration at least. 
Like d*mn as if I’m fully apt of holding the reins of my own.

The blames of yesterday has lastly worn down, acclaim for disfiguring my life. I am off to fresh start and with hope a rife posts to come.                                                                                                                         


  1. if that is how you feel..

    good luck to this semester. :D

  2. @the green breaker: I think I need to clear my mind off a bit. I had been through hell last school year so Im hoping I wont be dragging them back this time. Thanks for dropping by.

  3. good luck for the coming semester... i remember my days in PSBA - QC...

  4. Wow- staying single and focus would pave your way to succeed achieving and getting higher scores.. No need for inspiration if you are already inspired by things and people you have..

  5. yeah,tama si tim.hehe Goodluck sayo for this sem.ako babalik sa pagaaral kapag nakaipon. namimiss ko.hehe

  6. @JJRod'z: thanks rod. never been there but you know what, college days are the days of school i never wanted to be absent. thanks for dropping by, i owe you a visit.

    @tim: being single is inspiring itself enough that you know youre getting ready for the right time. i dont know, i just look it that way. salamat :)

    @mark: naks. sinabi ko rin yan sa ermats ko mag second course. babatukan lang ako ng nanay ko pag ginawa ko yun. dagdag gastusin nanaman daw nila ;)

  7. tama ka dyan.. focus on your studies first. sabi nga nila: First things first. Ijust felt were on the same boat. kaya cguro nakarelate ka sa latest post ko no/. hehe

  8. @Sir Xander: bigtime relate na relate :)

  9. Reboot! Restart! Good luck bro on your new beginning!

  10. Constantly sharing these deep stories can be draining. I like to write one every now and then but mostly I keep it light. Good luck in school and thanks for the follow. Back at ya!


  11. @Drein: thanks drein. im still on to your next posts.

    @Joyce Lansky: you bet. perhaps, im a masochist myself lol. well, thanks for the visit. ill do well in school. :)

  12. Good Luck.

    Hey, I tagged you. :)
    Visit my blog for info :)

  13. Destination reaches out to you, when you are so sure about the way you want to walk through. Keep traveling.

    Take care, best wishes! :)

  14. Goodluck! i miss school:(

    your new follower hope you follow back:)

    Thanks for the tag. But i think Im too late to do that.


    Followed back. :)