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Saturday, October 22, 2011

❚ best of friends

A tale of someone I was told.

The rain slowly come down in buckets. I was standing under it with hopes that in any second you would loom and stop them from falling....I don‘t understand, every raindrop feels like nails stabbing.

It was not a good night for me pleading you to come. I was calling you and you said you don’t have time and for god’s sake, it is our friendship at stake. I woke up early morning for a meeting I set up myself without an assurance you would show up. I checked on my phone to see you‘d care a message however, maybe I was just expecting too much from you.

The clouds looked awful as it was going to burst. I was so impassive of everything from taking a bath to donning my clothes; I was thinking seriously of you to say things I never had a chance to. I was hoping this would be the right time to tell what you and I deserve to know.

We have been hanging out as friends for over a year now, nothing more than that. But the thing is, there‘s an issue we can‘t fend off. Like a pistol of chauvinism triggered on us and the world we live in is just sided immutable on the left. That whatever we do, we can never be right. To break it, we are both guys.

It was not an issue for us. We have been seeing one another as friends and we never talked anything about it. For us, it was only them whose giving the wrong impression which I supposed to be true. We had done guy things like talking about our past girlfriends, our online games interests, our work, from personal to no-brainer topics. Some people say we‘re like brothers. Some people say we‘re shit judging from their vicious comments.

It was our first salary back then when we both treated ourselves. Actually, it wasn't only the two of us. The newly hired agents celebrate for the first time they received their payroll. It should just be a normal watch-movie-and-eat-blast, though it turned out to be taking on the booze. The group decided to hook up in a grill along Tomas Morato. We got a private room and we sat abreast. 

The other guys noticed and mocked us why have we always been together and we‘re not hanging out with them. It was untimely to think of an answer, and he just said we‘re best friends and we hardly know any of you. Yes, it was straightforward yet far-fetched answer. The women then reacted, well it‘s time for you guys to set that side and start knowing us ‘singles’ better. 

The teasing flames on.

The night is falling deep and deeply the firewater has burned our frame of mind. Away from brass tacks, we started playing games usually played by dipsomaniacs: spin the bottle. To whoever the bottle points get to play truth or consequence.

I was not paying attention about the game ‘cause I was talking to a girl who happens to be depressed. She was bitching about his boyfriend and how immature their relationship was. While giving my advice, I didn‘t know my best friend on the roll took consequence until I felt his lips with mine. It was like 5 seconds and I felt the heat sprawled out in my body. His hands were holding my face but I managed to pushed him off. And the crowd‘s reveled.

to be continued...

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  1. this tale reminds me of my bestfriend back in college....hahahahahahaha

  2. ohhh? haha natawa ko dun ah. :)) dapat siguro i-blog mo yun sa next entry mo. :)

    ngayun lang ulit ako nakasulat, thanks sa pagdalaw.

  3. yoko iblog, nakakahiya wahaha, nananahimik na siya eh...hahaha Welcome back!!!!:)

  4. Oh my, bitin! hehehe. Funny. I love it. I'll be waiting for the next release. Wehehe. :D

  5. more more and it reminds me of someone...grh! i hate waiting for your next post!

  6. krn- thanks for loving it. LOL i did not expect this to be funny though :)

    SunnyToast- i think this is everybody‘s story. there are of people i know who can actually relate. :) and dont hate me when I post the second half :)