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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

❚ young but old

before i leave this blog again for a month or so, let me take you to a glimpse in life of my childhood, to a place bound in my memories.

there was no sound but the rolling in the aisles continued. it was mute from the beginning until the whistling october leaves careen as wind whispered in tempest. the house was vintage. the sleek wooden structures, its carves, every step the floor creaks and the scent of varnish crippled through thy soul. i went outside with bare feet, grazing stones and pebbles and ran through the trees as if a wolf lost its way the streams. everthing was untrodden with eyes capturing and skin breathing in. i was young.

meters further, stepped a shallow creation to abyss with amber shells interspersed across visibility. dug holes and sand castles’s mounds away from city’s crapers and smog. from all decay of memory and bliss, a confiding voice groused from heavens, “bago ka dito? oo, nagbabakasyon lang. ako pala si nido, taga saan ka?” his mother must have not thought of a name in nine months. a name of a brand of milk, a name that roused my bosom, a friendship blossomed.

gently, the waves started to play with us, a stranger is welcomed. the tanning heat which burns this ghastly, urban skin crimsoned in hours under sun and saltwater. they had an artesian well with stains of rust creeping – their faucet. we started to wash with him pumping as water coming out of amusement and delight. their house was nifty with trees of teaming fruits awaiting to fall. i would remember this forever.

the next day, i waited at the terrace gazing around that for every child is a continent of pleasure. a terrain you would want to reveal. i went outside our vicinity and started looking to a boy I met yesterday. I went pass by the neighborhood and everyone was throwing eyes at me, i felt strange. i got it, i am new here but what‘s the stare all about, asked myself blatantly.

he asked me to go with him. with our feet running in wilds, we unraveled the vast beauty of what they call heaven‘s haven. we would lay all day building houses out of woods and leaves, hounding rare insects you would never see in the streets of manila, and stalking foreigners at the beach to sell our handmade flower necklace. we were eyesore‘s from the beach’s owner but to me, it was a sight stamped from the unforgotten. i never wanted to leave.

until such time when the days i spent were like minutes and the hum of the ocean began to subside. i began to feel my eyes burning with tears falling down through a scowling face. we were about to leave. to keep our comity, we both promised we would write each other as we saved our home addresses. we did our final hand shake to say goodbyes.

ps. walang nangyaring sulatan after. lol

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

❚ Shorty at Cemetery

yesterday was all saint‘s day kaya si pamilya at ang buong angkan paid a visit to our lolos at two cemeteries. usually kapag bibisita kami gabi and i find it swabe kapag gabi for two basic reasons: hindi matao at hindi mainit. yes, convenient siya at isa pa, madaling makauwi kasi walang ng traffic.

hindi ko maipagkakaila ang una naming sementeryo na pinuntahan is manila north cemetery for i know for sure madali  siyang mahuhulaan based on my description. for years, we have been going there at night. and guess what, sobrang daming tao pa rin palabas man o papasok. sometimes makikita ka pa sa tv dahil may nagrereport either from gma o abscbn.

last night kasama namin ang mga bata so binilan namin sila ng mga sungay na umiilaw. but ang pinaka main attraction na makikita mo sa sementeryo ay hindi ang mga vendors o ang mga puntod kundi ang mga bading na transvestites. i would say thirty to forty percent of the population na naglalakad consisted of them. pero i don‘t judge them ah. curious lang ako bakit ang dami nila kapag gabi. :)

the most thing na ayoko sa north kapag gabi eh ang pagsuong sa kaloob-looban ng sementeryo. lalo na madilim, tumataas talaga ang mga buhok ko. for the record, hindi ako takot since walang may gustong magpakita o magparamdam sakin at alam ko wala akong third eye. it was a nice visit. we said our prayers and left immediately. mahaba pa kasi yung lalakarin since bawal ipasok ang kotse sa loob.

the next cemetery we visited hindi ko na imemention. it was a nicer place than the north. dito, we had a small picnic kasi we were sitting on a bermuda grass. this is what i like in this cemetery napakaorganized unlike the others. and since sa open field grass kami, the lights were excellent.

after the picnic, nagpasama ako sa brother ko na mag cr. don‘t get the title wrong pala, i did not get laid haha. first time ko lang makawitness ng tripper. since ako lang pumasok sa cr at naiwan ang brother ko sa labas. i noticed this guy na bago pa lang ako pumasok he was already peeing on one of the urinals. actually, dalawa yung umiihi nung pumasok ako. i had to choose which urinals to pee. iihi na sana ko sa tabi nung tripper (to which hindi ko pa alam na tripper siya) kaso napansin ko walang divider in between, ano yun magpapakitaan kami? lol. kaya i decided na lumipat kahit na marami nang naglalagan na pubic hair. (ever since kasi hindi ko trip umihi sa may buhok na kasi ayokong mapagbintangan ng susunod na iihi haha!)

while peeing napansin kong tingin siya ng tingin sakin. hindi ko naman siya tinitignan. pero by the looks of him, mukhang around 20s lang siya like me. pagtapos ko umihi, kami na lang palang dalawa sa loob at napansin ko malayo pala siya sa urinal in contrary na dapat kasi dikit ang etits mo towards the urinal. kaya alam ko kita na etits niya. i washed my hands and fixed my hair at nakita ko sa salamin na he was still looking at me na parang nagsasabi na tignan ko siya sa ginagawa niya. he was still there trying to pee for so long kahit wala nang lumalabas. then, i left.

nung lumabas ako sabi ko sa brother ko hintayin natin lumabas yung lalaki in few minutes but he never got out. siguro naghihintay siya ng may papatol sa kanya hehe.