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Monday, 30 July 2012

Feels like death

This blog needs retelling. I will tell the whole story when I completely get back to the person who I was. My life recently has changed and I'm in bouts of giving up on someone or being brave of telling what I feel - a decision I never thought if it has any reason I should decide on. Either way, whatever the consequences may be, I would surely still stay for the person I love. Even though it would mean chronic hurting. I never want to lose anyone in my life again like I had let myself lose before. It's hard to give up or grow space on someone especially if he/she haven't done anything wrong against you. But it's much harder to accept that with your courage to fight for your feelings would make him/her leave you. It is so draining to realize that there are choices but neither of the choices you have would do anything good. Loving someone without ever being loved back and without ever having this love known is more than death.