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Monday, 24 November 2014


I feel alone. I wish someone could fill this gap. I'll leave this number and save me: 0915 2201919. -x


  1. Youre not the only one!!!! ako alone and lonely hahaha pero kaya yan.. hala nagiwan talaga ng number oh

  2. Oh yeah, got you. Most of the writers and bloggers- let me say Artist are lonely. The certain characteristic is really not easy. But we have out own coping process.. Kaya let's give it a try.

  3. Hi! nag leave lang ng comment baka sakaling mabasa mo din. kasi super late ko na din nabasa comment mo sa last post ko. and yes, looooong time noooooooo blogging ako. (at parang ganun ka din hehe) well, dahil matagal na ngang hiatus mode, i've read your posts at last na nagcomment ako was wayback 2011 pa. WOW di ba? haha.. well, my fb page is just 1-click on my blog. pakilala ka lang kasi to be honest, baka same lang din tayong mejo di na maalala ang isa't isa hahaha... :)