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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easing Out.

Installment# 1: Easing Out.

She said she love me, I never answered back. 

The cars on the highway were free flashing in speed. The jeepney I was riding to seemed speeding against time. The backseat driver changed the compact disc to a local breaking rhythmic music. And the other passengers were somnolent due to swayed movement made by sudden breaks and approaching crepuscular light. 

Some old folks were becoming agitated believing we might get bumped or hit anything on the road. And I, who used to ride on it everyday couldn't care less. Whilst cuddling my school bag, I brooded over things that bugged me the most after the academic day – I guess, not really. The circumstances I had in mind were fast swirling; every single detail I captured earlier seemed recurring back the way it was and its definition was clearer than before. I am thinking if I could have done the rightful thing, this would not seethe. As if I‘m capable of defying my predestination. 

Simply, I kept thinking the unyielding situation I had and thought of indefinite recourse but I know everything that happened will permanently leave its fissure. Throughout non-occupational moment, I only tired myself thinking, gradually closed my eyes and let myself become one with the slumbering cimmerian shade.

I did not know I fell asleep. I winked my eyes two or three to prove this delusion was not authentic and even blinked more. But the chromatism I see and the metaphors telling my retina contest that everything was true and I just woke up from napping eleven minutes from my seat. 

“Was it a dream?..” I asked myself still enigmatic.

I quieted myself and held back until destination. I checked on my cellphone and rashly hovered to see whose one message that might be. To find out sadly, it was one damn chain message. I knew I was expecting a message from someone. 

To aggravate the conundrum I was enduring, the vehicle where I was sitting for dozens of minutes, got its tire flat at the right front part, in the middle of dusky, bumpy road. The driver who was corpulent, apparent to his big soiled red shirt and bulky breadbasket, went out of his throne and started cussing out words. I would have scoffed at him in the first place for not slowing down. After all there is nothing to speed about. Like relationships that wear out so easily. The more you urge to push the boundaries, the more it gets loose. 

The music turned off, trying to make comfy, the backseat driver said that everything will be alright. They have a spare and this is just a trifle hitch to handle. The cold drowsy night shifted into fierce, scorching mood by fellow passengers. “Witty,” I said to myself, “How auspicious we glued ourselves with such inconvenience.” To think it was my bad day. As minutes frittering away, other passengers becoming smothered, on the spur of moment, a typical light afar from us was drawing near. “Am I dreaming again?” I boldly asked. Now I could visualize and hear a truck horning, constantly coming but not pulling over. I could not think but to bawl, “get out!” until the raging vehicle crushed us.

to be continued....

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