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Sunday, April 24, 2011

We parted like Strangers.

Shorties, Continuation
Installment# 2: We parted like Strangers.

Someone tapped me and asked if could pass his fare in front. I grasped without hesitation and said, “bayad daw po." Then I mulled of nothing but to clear this thing off my head.

At the end station still, I kept mulling, I headed down the street and floundered each indecisive step. I came across this old sluggard fella’ where we jolted our shoulders. He howled, “Hoy! Tignan mo yung dinadaan mo.” More, he stared at me with a menacing look, snitching his obnoxious mastery. I looked back in disgrace after we parted a block or two. And he was gone like silhouette of a waving slender curtain.

I glamored a billboard to where I usually cross. “Ohh, pinalitan na pala?” I muttered. The billboard seemed to illuminate the plaza where I stride through home. The grinning subject, the resplendent bulbs, and the couples fondling each other on benches only made me crestfallen.

We had been inadvertently like this since then. Discord, narrow-minded, childish acts, we were like magnets repelling akin poles, like parallel lines that will never converge at some point. That‘s when we were at our weakest.

I felt being the fuel which made her atrocious. And to tame the fire, I had to slightly uncoil the lasso bound between us. If only emotions were just child‘s play, then we had been long ago sanctified by wedlock. But taming has gone out on its own way. I, to accept the fact, was never an exceptional tamer. The clashing fire I thought would underrate by spaces turned out to lose its radiance. She was, as it came to my senses, gravely becoming cold.

The numbed morning like the manifold before it. The peculiar thing with this particular day was: an another man.

I looked at her in a distancedistance which never happened to us when we were comfortably close. We were closer than anyone else would know. I tried to break that distance. But it felt like they were constantly far no matter how persistent I tracked them down. I struggled to walk past them yet it seemed I was just a strangera stranger just as nothing mattered between us.

“Am I unmistakably a stranger now?”

to be concluded....


  1. its hard to watch something slip away and freeze to cold heart. especially when u cant do a thing coz upon assessing, your feeling same as what she feels already. heartbreaking... i'm just say'n

  2. @JapaneseAdobo - apparently, thats that most painful part in a relationship. lalo na little did you know mahal mo pa rin pala siya pero its too late na. thanks for the comment. :))