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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

❚ young but old

before i leave this blog again for a month or so, let me take you to a glimpse in life of my childhood, to a place bound in my memories.

there was no sound but the rolling in the aisles continued. it was mute from the beginning until the whistling october leaves careen as wind whispered in tempest. the house was vintage. the sleek wooden structures, its carves, every step the floor creaks and the scent of varnish crippled through thy soul. i went outside with bare feet, grazing stones and pebbles and ran through the trees as if a wolf lost its way the streams. everthing was untrodden with eyes capturing and skin breathing in. i was young.

meters further, stepped a shallow creation to abyss with amber shells interspersed across visibility. dug holes and sand castles’s mounds away from city’s crapers and smog. from all decay of memory and bliss, a confiding voice groused from heavens, “bago ka dito? oo, nagbabakasyon lang. ako pala si nido, taga saan ka?” his mother must have not thought of a name in nine months. a name of a brand of milk, a name that roused my bosom, a friendship blossomed.

gently, the waves started to play with us, a stranger is welcomed. the tanning heat which burns this ghastly, urban skin crimsoned in hours under sun and saltwater. they had an artesian well with stains of rust creeping – their faucet. we started to wash with him pumping as water coming out of amusement and delight. their house was nifty with trees of teaming fruits awaiting to fall. i would remember this forever.

the next day, i waited at the terrace gazing around that for every child is a continent of pleasure. a terrain you would want to reveal. i went outside our vicinity and started looking to a boy I met yesterday. I went pass by the neighborhood and everyone was throwing eyes at me, i felt strange. i got it, i am new here but what‘s the stare all about, asked myself blatantly.

he asked me to go with him. with our feet running in wilds, we unraveled the vast beauty of what they call heaven‘s haven. we would lay all day building houses out of woods and leaves, hounding rare insects you would never see in the streets of manila, and stalking foreigners at the beach to sell our handmade flower necklace. we were eyesore‘s from the beach’s owner but to me, it was a sight stamped from the unforgotten. i never wanted to leave.

until such time when the days i spent were like minutes and the hum of the ocean began to subside. i began to feel my eyes burning with tears falling down through a scowling face. we were about to leave. to keep our comity, we both promised we would write each other as we saved our home addresses. we did our final hand shake to say goodbyes.

ps. walang nangyaring sulatan after. lol


  1. aww. that was cute. be back soon, ken! :) or better yet, join our conversation in Twitter :D

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  3. the green breaker- i will try joe, im busy with all my duties and stuff right now. sayang, i dont a twitter account. ill make one if you’d follow me :) hehe thanks man, really appreciated your comment.

  4. ehm... nice post...
    Anyhow advance happy new year to you and your family.