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Monday, October 24, 2011

❚ best of friends

(read the first part)

I immediately responded, ‘tol anong ginagawa mo, lasing ka na.’

I didn't get infuriated nor offended. With the gut to kiss me, I know he was expecting the worst. But I realized while our lips in union, the heat I felt was different. It was difficult for me to explain the feeling and to let go, though I had to push him back. It was not anger reigning during those five seconds, and all I knew afterwards was my manhood started to spring.

‘Sorry buds, sinunod ko lang yung consequence nila.’

The girls shouted in grace ‘more! more!’ and we’re just too naive from all the teasing. I just said defensive, ‘tumigil na kayo lakas na ng amats nyo.’  Among the people in that room, I was the only one quite sober enough for I didn't drink that much, maybe the reason why I was easily affected with all their banter.

There on, I continued sympathizing with this tipsy girl whose almost about to cry. Until time calls for it, everyone was so liquored up heavily, they were stumbling on their way. ‘Guys, kaya niyo pa umuwi?’ I muttered. ‘Don‘t worry about us sanay na kami sa ganito, yung best friend mo alalayan mo.’ See you guys on Monday na lang then everyone went to their respective routes.

I was guiding him and still pretending I wasn‘t bothered by the kiss. And I know he do. He couldn‘t look at me in the face since that time. It was the most awkward moment of my life but, despite all I was interested of what‘s next to happen.

‘Kaya mo pa ba? Bakit kasi ang dami mong ininom eh.’
‘Kaya ko to,’ then you let you go off me. Shortly after, you tripped over something.
‘See, hindi mo na nga alam kung ano yang dinadaan mo.’

Typical, two drunks sitting in the gutter along the street; silent, waiting for a cab. The alcohol and the lethargic dawn started to kindle more strapping. And the yellow streetlights are the only source of consciousness.

‘Buds, ano kaya mo ba? Hatid kita sa inyo?’
‘Sarado na bahay namin buds, pwede ba sa iyo muna ako makitulog?’
I couldn't refuse a friend for a night so I said it‘s okay.

We fell asleep while drifting in the taxi. I couldn‘t resist sleeping so I just told the driver to wake me up when near. Thirty minutes after we were in my small rented room. He went straight off the bathroom and barfed out loud. In a minute or so, the room started to suffocate the rich liquor and all stuffs. I told him to change his clothes and lent some of my drawers. I was so tired I fell asleep without him noticing he was done. Then, an hour later I woke up. I saw him lying next to me and awake.

‘Oh, tapos ka na pala ‘di mo man lang ako ginising.’
You were reticent. ‘Do we have a problem here? Was it about earlier?’ Then you lean the opposite of me. As I forcefully held your shoulders towards me, you suddenly grabbed and kissed me. There was a pause as we looked into each other‘s eyes. This time, I let it happened. Our tongues went spinning for awhile and slowly our clothes started to scatter, both of us were in rage. These soaked and wrinkled sheets, the sounds of weeping and all quivering are proof this room were once dwelt by tainted innocence.

The morning after, I roused with you staring at me closely. It was the first time I get to appreciate his beauty. And the first words I heard of was I‘m sorry. ‘Ulol, fuck you!’ was my only reply. Then we both laughed.
We simmered ourselves a bit under the sheets, buck naked, and talked about last night. Then he left.

I didn't know it was the last time I was going to see him. On Monday, he was absent. I was trying to reach him but he never answered any of my calls. Our office mates commented, ‘maybe nahihiya lang yan because of the consequence last night.’ ‘Hehe, siguro nga.’ But seriously, I know there is something up.
I let it pass the next day. Still, he was absent. He wasn‘t texting back, too. I even went to their house to visit his ass but his father said he went to Camiguin.

‘Haven‘t you been informed? He said he went there with his girlfriend for a week.’
Really!? He‘s going on a trip without filing LOA. And I never knew he‘s got a new girlfriend.

A week after I was still contacting him. He answered.
Bro, galit ka ba? Kamusta?
No, busy lang ako.
Busy saan? With your trips? You know what, kung may problema just say it to me.
Buds, I don‘t have problems. I‘ll call you back.

I‘d waited but you never called. I thought there‘s a line now between us and I let this opportunity to lay low thinking we should give ourselves time. A month later, I was calling you and you answered.

Buds, okay ka na?
Why? I was never not okay.
Talaga? You just quit your job pre and most of all I have not seen you for a month. What are you up to?
Wala. I’m fine, don‘t bother.
Yun lang? No news? No something? I think we better meet tomorrow at SB, 8 am.
Sorry buds, I really don‘t have time for those. Busy talaga ko.
You don‘t have time? Do you even have a job and for god‘s sake it‘s our friendship at stake!
I‘ll see you there.
Then he hung up.

I woke up early morning for a meeting I set up myself without an assurance you would show up. I checked on my phone to see you‘d care a message however, maybe I was just expecting too much from you.

I looked outside the window and the clouds looked awful as it was going to burst. ‘Damn! Uulan pa yata.’ I was so impassive of everything from taking a bath to donning my clothes; I was thinking seriously of you to say things I never had a chance to since we became best friends. I was hoping this would be the right time to tell what you and I deserve to know.

It was 10 already and I was still outside the coffee shop waiting. I stood up to see around. Suddenly, the sky roars at me. The place fueled  by aromatic coffee and the murmurs of people gently faded as the rain slowly come down in buckets. I was standing under it with hopes that in any second you would loom and stop them from falling....

I don‘t understand, every raindrop feels like nails stabbing.

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  1. medyo may pagkakaiba na dito sa second part kasi medyo iba ang nangyari samin pero pareho ang hulihan,wahahaha talaga.... but Ok na kami now, WAHAHAHA

  2. Parang it's still bitin. Heheh. There are still unanswered questions. Why did he turn out to be like that? And why... why. Hahah. I guess it's not yet the end (?)

  3. mark- may hindi sumipot? haha :)at least nagkaayos kayo instead of masayang yung pinagsamahan nyo.

    krn- Yes, it‘s bitin for I cut the story in two short entries. :) It would actually take me forever if I did. LOL :) Sadly, it‘s the end for them. He never knew the reason why his best friend shunned him. He was thinking his friend realized they have done wrong and he couldnt blame his friend either. But for me, I think it was very unreasonable and unfair. :/

  4. hindi ako sumipot,hahahaha kasi gabi na.hahaha