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Sunday, May 08, 2011


It has been quite some time since we last spoken and despite of, it was not a good one. To say for most people, our definition of right over wrong and my fault over their fault varies. And where pride complements prejudice, thus sightless beings who become impassive are made. The once a docile tree holding out against the sinewy wind, could wither any time off the season.

Time is the greatest antidote of all time—the most conspicuous prescription yet barely prescribed. It serves as an epinephrine which strengthens myocardial contraction when heart seems to die. And any emotional gaps farther as between cosmos, will come to close, gradually. As emotions coincide with time that  however cold, it will slowly melt by the moment our hearts become versed with sympathy.

We came to visit M yesterday and as expected, I saw them both. I will not delve much into details pero it went very smooth. I have done my part and I do not feel remorseful of it. I have no hard feelings. I hope they do feel the same.----

Here is the little peek how it went off:
Ako: Ui, namiss kita...
M: Ako din, kamusta kana?
Ako: Eto, napagisip-isip ko hindi pala si F ang gusto ko ikaw talaga. Daming nga nagkakagusto sakin ngayon di ko lang
The rest is tawanan and kwentuhan.

This post, I believe, will mark the end of my grudges against them or any thing which concerns our past.


  1. edi masaya.... youve done your part... buti nlng no hard feelings na.. give yourselves a 2nd chance... ^^

  2. tama! mahirap may kaaway :)

  3. I'm glad everything turned out well. Medyo nasubaybayab ko rin kasi istorya mo na to. Finally nagkaroon na rin ng kahit paano maayos na closure.

  4. I commend you for doing your part. I wish you'll have better days ahead of you.

    - Kumag of Kabulastuagn Blog

  5. you've just done the ryt thing....

  6. @thewanderer - talaga? wow thanks. tingin ko nga yung pagkakaospital pa niya ang naging way para mangyari yun.

    @Kerengkeng-Kulafu-Kulasa-Kumag - thanks.

    @Fermin Hamja - It took me some time to mull over this. I hope they do feel the same talaga.

  7. nose bleed ako. nahirapan intindihin ang lallim pero maganda basahin.