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Saturday, May 28, 2011

❚ a hindsight, we‘re together

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On that frore dead of night of bleary and while on condoled walking, my heart had never trampled over my body that way. It was new to me. My arid hands that had always held bottles of liqueur and addictive thorns of cigars, started spouting dank butterflies. Even with, our hands enclosed much taut like a child fearful of being lost. As we walked our path seeming to last a short while, your skin grazed mine in euphoria. It felt perfect warm that I had only whimmed this picture to end not.

Cowed to break the charm of primordial gods, I gave in to your ways of silence. I gaped at you slyly, a face of no ifs, ands or buts being with me. All I could do was to bog down our speed of treading, hoping I could feel your hands any longer. Soon, you looked at me. I felt thawing as your eyes telling me to look back. You stopped a sudden. How far are we going? It played in loops ‘till angst in my heart. I’m daunted how far can we go. My hands were shaken, your eyes cajoling every inch of me for words. I held both your hands reaching your arms then back, ending with our bosom entwined. Aren't this enough?, I muttered.

Of course it is.
Then why you ask?
It’s just....
Wrong?  It‘s our relationship, Isn't?
No, of course it‘s not. I....
Let me take you home.
Hold on, we should do this a bit longer. 

Night had fallen upon us without taking in further words. Its pale semblance finally succumbed to the fumes of our bodies embraced. I could‘t mind being virtuous now that your subtle lips were convincing. Every thrusts of crimson flesh seemed a gallop of lust. Were our sinful sap called in unison, I felt your heart running savage as mine catching up not far off the pace. It was my first kiss, I discerned it meant something.

We continued strolling down to your way home. This time my arms were across your shoulder. While we reached your house, we bluffed as friends as distance started to substance. Our eyes communed enough to say every phrase a lovers ought—a bond we bitterly pledged occult to any of their eyes‘s bigotry. As the door closed, a tone came out. I cannot lose you. So do I.

Gone are those days.

Just when I thought somehow everything I own smelled of you, your scent meekly slipped out of my esteemed memories. Now, everything I know of you flow past me everlessly. You were the person who thought me that love was never a choice, for I had to feel it more than anything else. When I had to blame myself for my frailties, you were there taking it. And I know for sure that the love I knew once will be different thereafter.

You were gone, you chose him over me without leave-taking litany. I would not mind as I had always been a sin for you; I had no right of my miserly intentions. My being was the most empty of all, engulfing you and so you could fill its expanse—a dreadfully romantic ambition.  Still, your were the most sugar-coated tale I kept, that every time we may see each other now, I know there happened a mystery once. Love.


  1. The Last part was just so horrendous, all the tears and words remain unspoken were hidden
    in your heart.

    This piece is just really one of the most painful thing, if you love..

    I adore you, having that courage to wrote this one..

  2. Anyway, you made your templates? It's nice, Planning to change mind kasi.. Where would i get the best one?

  3. I really like you templates, can you do my blog like this? Please...

  4. @tim: thanks.there are love that spring even in most wearisome situation. however,how intimate could it be, there are times it has to confine in depths of nullity in behalf of love ones.

  5. @tim: mine is blunt Simple template—the one you see in template designer when youre editing. theres nothing distinctive naman sa template ko except sa header and footer :) i did that in photoshop, it actually took me a lot of time to spawn one. as for your request,buried na kasi ako lately to squeeze out extra time. perhaps when im on the loose na. meantime, you could get good templates here

  6. parang ang ouch, ayoko ng pakiramdam nang natapos kong basahin.hehe kasi dati parang may pangyayarisa buhay ko na ganyan. and apir para sa iyo tol, kasi yan ang mga iniiwasan kong isulat kaya nag stick ako sa humor na blog..hehehe

  7. @mark: tama! masakit talaga when being left out thanks for the sympathy. gusto ko rin sana dati ng medyo humorous at kwela sa buhay na blog kaso trip ko talaga mga suicidal posts haha.

  8. you're such a good writer! wish i could write like you

  9. @eMiLy ChAnG: certainly you can. should you write a prose in fiction or not, it is indispensable to just let your feelings and creativity take off. btw, i‘m much obliged for the flattery. :)

  10. hehehe, minsan magpost ka din ng nakakatawa, did you know that kapag puro ganyan ang isinulat mo, at base pa sa experience mo, maapektuhan pati emotion mo, hindi ka makakaalis sa ganyan pakiramdam at masasanay ka na,hanggang parang ayawmo nang umalis sa state na iyon, you know what I mean, its not bad at all but pag naging too much siya, its bad.hehehehehe

  11. @mark: my point ka diyan :) since i started this kind of post, parang mandated ako na ganun klaseng post ulit gagawin ko. odd eh nu. cguro id try to balance my posts, hopefully. :)