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Sunday, May 22, 2011

❚ i need to quit

   Lately, I feel like I’m living a hermit life, again. I know I did this a bunch of times though not as much as the past few weeks. Beyond any doubt, I rate this summer the worst of all not only had I not gotten to any of the summer vacation hot spots, not to mention those run-of-the-mill pool resorts, but also my summer sucks for not even had a chance to revel with my friends. 

   I know they’re feeling like I’m contriving this bulwark between us ‘cause every time they would invite me, my pockets seemed abysmal to my reach. I noted some messages from them, How is life? Still alive?, yet the only answer I came up with was to leave them unanswered. Not exactly I’m fleeing myself from my obligation as a friend, I just couldn’t help it.

   What is more eating me is the college’s publication I have been longing for months to forsake to. We have a deadline to meet this coming June but the workload is heaping up incessantly. I remember I told you once that I layout our college’s newspaper magazine as an extracurricular activity since Adobe is my fancy. In spite of, it seems like the moil they placed upon me doesn't equate the return I should be getting. Or I should say I find it infeasible. The sleepless nights are way too unjust. The electric consumption is preposterous. The time I’m spending is terribly tedious. And on top of that, I feel distressed.

   I pushed my luck to ask for my rescindment from the org the moment we had a meeting after the latest issue was published like 4 months ago. I tried to voice out my scheme but everyone including my org mates were nonconforming, even our adviser mock me as I was attempting to. They knew it would be a hard time to find for my replacement. They left me no choice. It is enough that I had once produced something I could flaunt inasmuch as I proved to myself I am adept of doing it so. Unluckily, I’m still an affiliate doing the same routines I hated above this paragraph.

   The next time I would plan about escaping quitting, I would not wage into luck. It is not luck I should be worrying about—it is my right. Had I known then what I know now, I would have not shown my craft in layouting. Everything is at its utmost cry-over-spilled-milk drama recently. My mother whose been insistent on my resignation since, gives me more reason to quit.
   Haaa! They’ll see.


  1. ikaw na ang confident! hehehe. ^_^ goodluck dude. ;)

  2. Haha! Puro confidence lang naman ako sa sulat, in real life loser pa rin. :/ Salamat! :)

  3. Allowed naman maging loser, wag lang patagalin. Kasi deprivation na din yun. hehehehe

  4. @tim: I plan not to deprive myself of rights for years on end. Although I admit it has become my hobby.

    Salamat sa pagbisita! I owe you one.

  5. I admire your confidence and I wish you all the best and the right decisions to be made..

  6. @Kench Alegado: The confidence I chiseled on this post is way far to the real me. Threatening is not my play haha.

    I had long sworn myself that leaving this org is the best-est decision. Salamat!! :)