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Monday, May 23, 2011

❚ you are single

   Being single is terse itself. The fact you are alone is an enticing incense not just to same feathers but an impending treachery to existing affairs as well. Rigidly, being caught red-handed is not part of the goal. The whole community extending borders is your humongous playing field. Remember not to perish, you are the protagonist of your own frolic. There are no best-supporting roles for their triumphs in limelight are not yours.

   Recite “single” repetitively without commitment, you’d realize you can stop doing it as desired. All time is yours—no hassle, no late excuses—and misspend it prudently as for others it is gold, for you it is bronze. Your monthly stipend is exclusive. Grope all luxuries of a teenage to young adulthood man, splurge your money through buying the most high-priced perfume in Giorgio Armani. Spritz some on your neck and randomly on your favorite spruce flannel long-sleeve button-up shirt. Pretend you’re strolling in the mall on purpose, an unexpected old acquaintance is around waiting. Your hi’s and hello’s are spectral and remember not to forget to inquire her number. Go out with her once. If your date did not work out or she hold you off on a text message, recuperate and move on to the next.

    Your very goal is to seek for a partner. Plead your friends for their help is crucial. Because presumably, they too have friends whose privy parts are as vestal as yours, withal, keep your fingers crossed. However, social networking sites are an alternate harpoon; add people all you want until you hit a thousand. Inveigle and banter every single “single” girl you think unpretentious. But, do not get your hopes up.

   There are days, months or years you’ll be alone. Truly, the anatomical consistency of your milt can tell. There are people who would curse themselves to quietus, knowing they too want to be woven on a companion’s sweetest troths of forever. Tell them they’ll grow creases a maiden. There will be times, a battered ram of cliché will fire akin questions at you: When will you get married? Tell them as soon as theirs daughters achieve menarche. 

   Brutal, yes. Your love life is never been else’s business.
   As your day ends with still an ounce of might to face life’s cruelty, your Abrazador and linen offer the same patronage since days of auld lang syne. They will not have limbs to get even by your caresses neither will they have ears to hear your moans of solitariness. On that night, your bed is single and so are you.

Auld Lang Syne is translated in English Literature as “old long since” or idiomatically, “long long ago.” 
The style of writing is a copy, a frustration. It seems a backslide.


  1. single ready to jingle....nagpalit ka pala ng url tol, kaya pala di ka na umaakyat sa blogroll ko, pero kahit na binago ko na ang url mo, bumabalik ang dati mong url...

  2. Kaya pala. Sabi edit ko lang yung redirection url feed. Hope it works. Salamat!

  3. Single is actually awesome. But we are born to extend our life- and in order to attain it, we need people. It might too drastic sometimes, but being with someone could actually makes you more mature in life, you learn so much about life. Their story changes or augments our means in life. But it's a case to case basis, it always depends on who the person you choose to be with.

    Thanks. Nice words- you blown me away!

  4. You‘ll never see a world in its full bloom alone. Worse, as if you‘re tempting to write without stories to unveil. Pitching into the spell of “single” is never my plan, ever. Thanks for sharing and your remark.

  5. I remember an enrty i made last may 15, and let me quote: "Contentment is what everyone searches for. To whom contentment is shared would be a choice. " heheheheh

  6. i get the point especially the second sentence. that being single is "enticing incense not just to same feathers but an impending treachery to existing affairs as well."

    not all single people though. ^_^

  7. @JapaneseAdobo: I do remember that I read that post. And what you quoted is a squint of reality. Mind if borrow the line? Thanks for commenting.

  8. @ka bute: Haha thanks! Not all single beings are endowed to swagger, sometimes others as well. Sins in the making. lol

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  10. I agree with the line " Your love is never been else's business:...

    bat ka pala ngpalit ng url ngayon???

  11. I find my old blog title and URL a little naive to what im writing kasi eh. Please bear that you have to unfollow and refollow me on Google in order to refresh my feeds. Thanks Fermin :))